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Genetic defect – 1:7

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The guys working on face control at the club “Barrkuda” filmed a documentary on how the guys boldly blizzard drunken crowd. It is a last year video and we can infer over passed time:
Andryukha’s life was take in the driveway of his apartment building.
Zheka was broken at a party, and was taken to the intensive care.
Black was found in the woods with 18 stab wounds.
Obese had his car burnt and maimed, now in a wheelchair.
Miron is wanted for double murder.
Skew eyed was incarcerated for rape.
Allen, died of overdose.
Kirill matured and changed, became a respectable citizen.
Such cute guys.

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  • random guy

    pathetic idiots, and blatant cowards
    only attacking drunks, in a group formation only.
    otherwise they would get owned if one on one with a non drunk.
    such pathetic losers and idiots, and if the description of the video is true
    they deserve the shitt that got to them, and the ONE WHO MATURED AND got away with becoming a good citizen
    DONT WORRY, shit always comes back round, when you least expect it
    with all the beatings you gave to innocent people
    your day will also come
    no matter how good your trying to be now.
    end off.

    • Anonymous

      they look like a bunch of queers to me. Attacking people while they’re not even looking. Well hard ladies.

    • Anonimous

      I guess some of these people have found their revenge. It’s easy to come back later follow them home and kill them off like animals. Shows how stupid they are for not realizing this.

    • Price maker.

      Lol such a nice group of fag.Wish i could have meet em there grrr they made me so angry now ^^

    • Anonymous

      Motherfuckers fuck Russ

    • Anonymous


    • lee

      get each wan there self without there crowd would have them screaming 4 there mother arseholes ………big hard boys dont think so just bullies in a crowd fucking tits……..

      • lee

        would take pride and joy punching as meany teeth as a could out the lot a them want tae see them scelping the rang wan and the lot a them get draped like a sack a potatoes please post the vid……

    • Anonymous

      well i dont how this is possible…in my town someone would kill this guys after one month
      if it happend to my brother i certtently would kill as many as i can
      they must be faggots and they dont want the world to know

    • bht

      bloody mf come to us then have a dare to touch a single blow to anyone …..and see the miracle …….ur head will be in 4 pieces……promise

    • shanor

      just need a few Jamaican to fuck these looser up

    • Anonymous

      Bunch of fucking wankers.!!!!!! punching peaple when thay aint looking bang bang

    • Kem

      Cowardly losers

  • anounimous

    They are gays…

  • Anonymous


  • German

    only NOOBz who got the dicks of his dads deep in their asses.. so they have bad ass-pain and no time to think about what they do…. also they are pussys cause they all got no ballz to clean situations in words and everytime punch at 3 ore mor against on .. and from behind

  • dick killer

    pussys one you could kill some one two did that to me well 9mm should do pricks

  • Jo JO

    Nancy boys hit from behind, and if ZI hit you I’d kill you.

  • Anonymous

    fucken loosers

  • tfu


  • Anonymous

    i dear him to fight

  • Anonymous

    they are jackals and loosers

  • King

    Hey you fucking Russian Incest por fagots stop trying fight inecent pepoel and try fight for real insted fucking LOSERS keep suck your dad’s cock INCEST KIDS

  • Erick

    It’ goes to show that in a real with a real man they don’t have a standing chance!
    LOOSERS? even a looser knows this is wrong!!!

  • fk Russias or shel i say POCNNERS

    this are ppl whit zero skil best for them is to by kick so hard that they can do something any more for months

  • ik

    wish i whos there they make me mad ,hit from bihind when he is not looking ,and always whit more then 2 guys, alone i bed they are afraid ,i wood kill them all grrrrr fucking pussy’s

  • Steve-o

    These people are true scum. They should be shot between the eyes and I would enjoy seeing THAT done on video. Only cowards attack drunk or defenseless people.

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Cowards are cowards, aggressive people are aggressive people, easy shots are easy shots, and so on and so forth. You are merely misinterpreting a word for something they are not. A drunk picks a fight, they attack before the drunk makes the move. That’s how the American forces do it on their downtime in the bars.

  • Capt America

    Yeah all Im seeing is a bunch of blind side hits.. shows how Russians fight, like bitches :)

    • Anonymous

      yea easy to hit from behind and team up on em

  • Anonymous

    faggot pussies

  • Anonymous

    sad to see that these little roaches can be allowed to walk the earth…. some day they will have to answer to their actions… perhaps one day a group will get together and take them all out…. its a shame they can prevoke this kind of feeling in me… It is sad…. real sad..



  • stranger

    life`s a beach:)

  • troy

    come to usa n do that an see what happens wed feed em to the gators when done

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Uhhhhh… no. I’d much rather do the medieval expression: feed them to the dogs. If I had a Rottweiler dog, I would let it feed on its victim/intruder. Then I won’t have to buy it dog food every time.

  • jimmy

    hi the are fking chicken when the kik when the are down i hat ppl ho do that

  • fello

    If I meet one of these cowards I will put my leg in his ass they only attack others by sudden and in expecting action and only if they are group .. basters..half men ..!

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Watch Two and a Half Men and tell me if you would be insulted at the mention of “half men” over a television show you love watching from time to time.

  • Pablo

    Lol I want this faggots to go down to Bolivia,Colombia or Mexico and do the same to the wrong drunk , the Cartels will take of them and their families in a NY min.

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      And vat are you talking about, kind sir? That is not quite so harsh. Consider this: the Montreal Mafia would do the same to them if one of those types approached a member and picked a fight. Same shit, different pile.

  • Anonymous

    peccato che nn trovino me li prenderei tutti a calci in culo

  • Colin Klark

    Sucker punches, like hitting a drunk blind man. Guess for the moment it takes all sorts to make a world, be glad when we finally blow ourselfs up! But while we,re waiting for the inevitable,” dont let the bastards get you down.” Have a cool day. Colin.

  • zone

    Image of gay gang :)

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Image of a gang that hates gays, but ironically portrayed as such. LOL!

  • ryan willliams

    guys like this make me laugh ive been a bar fighter for years sticking up for ppl like these fags pick on , the weak drunk, cant defend them self . there just lucky that they have not run in to me I dont go down when hit can keep going and going rite threw bunch of guys just like this done it many times just lucky there not in my town id go looking for them

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      And is your real name Ryan Williams, sir?

  • yo tu marido

    que muy cabromes vengan a ecuador para que vena como les hacemos mamar verga fuck

  • Jon Doe

    These guys are awesome Nice viedo and decent but repetative music i think the stunt doubles were getting tired of getting kicked in the face

  • Real man

    I bet soon as any of those victims referenced anything to do with “gay”, like, “Oh I cant use the phone ? Thats gay”. or “Fuck what a buncha gay people in this place”…. BAMMM
    What a buncha fags. lol.


    motherfuckers want to see take place within fags PUUTASS

  • Anonymous

    i think you fuck pricks should post address of place so we can come and have some fun, you attack from behind i would fucking burn you cunts

  • JD

    They feel invisible and powerful in that club .i swear to god if ive meet them , i would have stomped on each and every ones head until it broke.. motha fucking cowards,

  • chris.. ie mr busy

    wat a bunch of gays boys really anyone can hit someone wen not looking my 5 year old girl could kick there arse. and i let my dog lick there balls thats if she don.t eat them

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      That’s just gross, portraying your daughter in such a lewd fashion. I am sure that, when she gets older and reads your post, she will ask you to apologize. After all, once a post is on the public web, it is on there forever.

  • skrent

    jebane kurwy ciekawe jacy by bili 1v1 to co widze to nic nie potrafia te jebane seckuryty jebac ruskuw

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Ako brat na sistra?

  • skrent

    a zapomnial bym 3 na 1 nego to banda lysego mam nadzieje ze kazdy znich juz dostal w morde albo lulke w leb albo olowkiem

  • skrent

    i jaki to gang jak to pusy z wielka morda i przywilejami to cipy

  • skrent

    zapraszam do polski smieciaze

  • enzo

    fuck russian idiot

  • enzo

    one one 50kg chiken boy

  • your god

    to scared to have a fight u fucking faggots, have a real fight u girls,
    now go home and have a cuddle with each other u fuckwhits.bunch of weak scared moot lips

  • anonim

    ibatnea ruskaia,
    esli bi odin na odin s etimi hilenikimi sucioncami,…togda esceo mojno govoriti, a tak …govno



  • Anonymous

    Fucking pussies! Why hit a guy when he is not looking??? oh it’s because your afraid to fight like a man. You all should go home and watch roadhouse then butt fuck each other.

  • mario

    dupki i zasrance powinni jeszcze ludzi poruszajacych sie na wózkach zaczac bić a pozatym nic nowego nie zobaczylem

  • pissed off

    hope they all die a slow death cowardly fucks i bet one out they would be crying for their mumma

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Did you even care to read the paragraph before watching the video? If you didn’t, then you have just made yourself as dumb as them.

  • yyy

    cheap shot mutha fukers

  • piter

    drunk rus fuck

  • me

    notice how these poor examples of human select easy targets, when are these sort of shits going to be eliminated once and for all.

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Look at the header above the video, read it closely, and you should see that already three are dead and the rest are confined to hospital beds and wheelchairs.

  • Anonymous

    were is the fucking club

  • gangreene

    i could never watch people get beat like that , ihave been asked many times if i wanted to fight for a stranger i was watching get beat and i tried to stop it, always i said yes . i would love to fight four or five those lil cunts at once . id get three for sure. mabye all i love that shit. lowlifes

  • sascha

    I hope you fucking guys never see me.. i hope you get on a false guy like an Wma Fighter. You Losers.

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Do you train using Silah or Muay Thai techniques? Which is more effective as a counter-attack measure?

  • jack

    u now your hard when u can only fight when u have five peaple helping u bunch of twats

  • T B A

    oh yea in the group but it’s ok what if there would come two or three Albanians

  • Lovell Kevin Jackson

    bunch of fuckin cowards, attacking people in a gang.

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Look no further than MS-13.

  • Lovell Kevin Jackson

    sucker puing people, COWARDS try that shit here in Texas, Ill shoot your ass if yoyu attack me in a gang.

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Is that courage or stupidity? If you are approached by a gang that are armed with guns, don’t try to shoot them. The result if you do: they’ll mow you and your buddies down like deer in a cow patch.

  • idiots

    fucking idiots it is security? fuck of you shit russian fags

    • Benny Kael Hutterer

      Considering the police force in the Kremlin is pretty corrupt, the bars and nightclubs for the Muscovites and other citizens of Russia rely on gangs not affiliated with the government or the controlling Russian Mafia. Don’t be surprised if the same happens in the States, especially considering it may have already been happening since the skinheads down there are already intolerant of anyone who is non-white. I used to shave my head a bit, but it was because I was too lazy and poor to afford a proper haircut.

  • disqus_O1xDupr5HN

    fucking nobheads and russian wankers j fuck all . fucking skinny russian tosers. and fat security wanker 1 on 1 you all loat no chance

    cowboys j am no suprise this is typical russian wankers

  • smater

    U dnt see me Guys Wait Time will come…

  • Guest

    What a bunch of QUEERS…I hope someone beats the fuck out of these ASSHOLE…I bet they bet each

  • telford bloke

    lame sucker punches and kicking drunks in the face on the floor what a bunch of no hope scum im glad they are dead or in prison your time will come …best thing they can do is end it all now cowards

  • Feretti

    tento svet sa ruti do záhuby, čo sme to za ludia

  • Strongerthanyall

    ahahahha skinny wanna be tough guys sneaking only dudes that are smaller(somehow) than them.. i would love to see them try to pull this shit here in new york.. ahhahahah youtube videos would be made titled “skinny eurofags acting hard and gettin beat up..” and some hilarious ragtime music would be dubbed over it.

  • Leonardo de la Rosa

    im glad these fuck are dead bring this shit to the usa and the hoods here would have killed there ass faster on the south side 13 all of them should be hunted down and fucked with and give hem ass kicking every day till almost dead and stop and the next day do it again

  • turkey

    haha you can fight just your people did you try to fıght with any turkey boy or americcan or england and amecican boy haha you chıcken boys :) ı hate russian people

  • fuck en

    weak fuck england fuck czech fuck russian ol gay country go to asian … u all die mathafucka

  • Sosici

    What a bunch of pussies !!

  • pawel

    Hope they all gona die soon :)

  • Levi

    name of the songs please !!!!

  • Rotti

    they llooks so crasy as they are – all!