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Parenting practices of kickboxers

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Before watching this wonderful video, I suggest reading the description:
“The training in kickboxing of Yaroslavl club “Bear” was going on.
In the middle of the class the strangers walked in and watched in silence. After that, they darted into the locker room, took three phones from the pockets and ran away. The coach noticed their strange behavior, when he went to follow them, they were gone. But one cannot run far from the Russian athletes. Finally the athlets caught up with them, and after an impressive educational talks it was decided to put them up for sparring, delicately asking the athletes not to beat to the heads. What came out of it we’ll see in the video:

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  • Thaibox_Zurich_Srbija

    very good punishment for stealing the phones. not too hard not too soft . . .
    exactly what they deserved!

  • Dale uk

    These Guys should run the country