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Python eats Alligator

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  • B LL

    Wildlife Officials Better wake the hell up and Open the season on the snakes or People will start being on the Menu . It is Because of the bleeding heart Liberals and the tree Huggers That this has gone this far . If one Of these Snakes Eats one of their Family Members I bet they sure as Hell Change their Tune and Viewpoint

  • jeremy

    it’s idiots like you we need to keep out of power.
    if we can’t understand it, let’s kill it
    I bet you want all sharks dead too!
    you’re a nuffnuff, mate

    • tip

      Actually this is from Everglades. i went there for a visit and they explained that Phytons are a problem since were introduced by humans in the park and they don’t have natural enemies so they are invading or already they have done in all the everglades cheers boys

  • jenilyn

    oh my god, YUMMY’

  • random guy

    there is nothing surprising in this video what so ever!!!
    a huge python swallows a small alligator, its nature in the wild.
    wild animals will behave the way they are progarmmed by nature to behave.

    • random guy

      edit spelling error: PROGRAMMED BY NATURE TO BEHAVE!!! ..

    • wai sokae

      Exactly. Let the nature takes its course.

  • Fralekinoff

    Ive seen this same confrontation before. The alligator always wins against a python.

  • dobronski

    I’m surprised the snake took the gator down live like that…it was still kicking. Imagine the damage those claws could do internally. Can’t say I felt any pity for the gator…that’s nature!

  • Stan Bryars

    If some people would do just the tiniest amount of research they would not make such stupid statements.
    This is not nature taking it’s course. This is an artificially introduced invasive species wreaking havoc on the natural environment.
    And no the gator does not always win, in fact he often loses. Also losing dramatically are the indigenous wildlife like raccoons, opossums, bobcats and coyotes., which are the gators natural food supply. So gator loses again.
    these species are losing ground at a rate that it is predicted they may never recover